Big Siyappa : Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya

Big Siyappa : Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya
Big Siyappa : Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya

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Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler update ,  9th August 2019

Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Aaliya thinking everyone must be planning surprise at Vikram’s house. She comes and sits for breakfast. Vikram says we shall leave now and calls Aaliya. Aaliya turns. Vikram wishes her for the music deal. Aaliya thanks him. Purab says let’s go to office, Aaliya. Pallavi says we shall wish her. Rhea says this is surprise, I want her to be upset and then very happy. She says she will give Bu ji and her husband’s picture to Prachi’s mum for the cake. Sarita Behen tells Prachi that she takes care of everyone.

 Prachi says mum made tea. Rhea comes there. Pragya says you came alone. Rhea says I want you to keep Bu ji’s picture on the cake which you are making. Pragya says something is on gas and goes to kitchen. Rhea gives picture to Sarita behen and says she is her Bua ji. Prachi takes Shahana inside. Rhea gets a call and says she has to go. Pragya comes. Rhea says she gave photo to Dadi and says she will go. Pragya asks her to take care and asks driver not to drive fast. Rhea hugs her and leaves. Pragya smiles. Sarita behen is about to show Aaliya’s pic, but Pragya goes to kitchen.

Vikram asks Purab about old and new CM. Purab says you didn’t know about the new CM. Vikram says she is Saraswati. Purab says I didn’t know, but I haven’t let you know that. Abhi comes there. Vikram informs him that he got a call from CM’s office and he told her about Anuradha’s name. She says CM will felicitate them both with an award for their bravery.

Abhi says we have party at home. Vikram says that’s why CM will give award to Anuradha and you in the party. Abhi smiles. Pragya calls Vikram and says she has arranged caterer for the party as Sarita behen got much unwell. She says sorry for giving order to someone else. She says she can’t come to the party. Vikram asks her to send Prachi at least. He asks if she got the call from CM office and asks if she is coming to receive the award. Pragya says what I will do with the award if I don’t take care of my family. Vikram is touched with her words.

Aaliya and Purab come home. Everyone wish them on their anniversary. Aaliya hugs Purab. Purab says I was Rhea’s plan. Aaliya hugs Abhi and he wishes her too. Meera says she has kept dress for her on her bed. Aaliya hugs and thanks her. Abhi asks Purab why is he stressed on his anniversary. Purab recalls doctor asking him to keep her happy else she will think of suicide. Abhi asks him to share what happened? He asks him to go and change the clothes. Purab says ok. Vikram sees Ranbir and says I know you are going to terrace. Ranbir says I am not going to terrace. Vikram says I know why young guys go to terrace and says I won’t let you drink else put ban on you.

Ranbir thinks he is not his real father. Shahana and Prachi come there. Ranbir looks at her. Prachi also looks at him. Rhea thinks Prachi can fall in love with him and asks him to meet her in his room.

Ranbir comes to the room. Rhea closes the door. Ranbir thinks if she will get intimate with him. He tells her that she shall wait and says they will get closer after their marriage. He says we shall wait until you fall in love with you. Rhea says you can’t resist if I come near you. He says he wants her to tell everyone that they are a couple.

Rhea says first make Prachi fall in love with you madly and says she can’t even take breath without you. He says I have to get closer to her for this and asks if she don’t feel bad. Rhea says she is not affected by this and tells that she knows how much he loves her and asks him to go.

Abhi talks to CM on phone. CM tells Disha that the award will be given after the cake cutting. Disha is with CM in the car and is on the way. Abhi comes to kitchen and asks the caterer about Anuradha. Caterer says she didn’t come and gave order to me. Abhi comes to Vikram and asks about them. Vikram says Anuradha ji called and said that Sarita behen is unwell so she gave order to other caterer. Abhi says how Anuradha ji will handle Sarita ji alone and goes from there.

Vikram says he is betaal. Abhi comes to Purab and tells that Prachi and Shahana are here, and Anuradha is alone with Sarita ji and says how she will handle her. Vikram says she got the thief arrested and says she is one woman army and gave such a good upbringing to Prachi. Purab says I didn’t meet her, but just as Vikram said that she is soft and one army woman, this reminds of someone. Abhi asks whom?
Big Siyappa : Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya Big Siyappa : Rhea demand Ranbir for love drama with Prachi in Kumkum Bhagya Reviewed by Telly News on 23:30 Rating: 5

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