Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update : Kartik watches Naira's dance video

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update : Kartik watches Naira's dance video
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update : Kartik watches Naira's dance video

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Spoiler update, 19th July 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik watches Naira's dance video

The episode begins with Naira dancing wearing ghungroos. Kairav says she is happy so she is dancing, I will show this to dad. He makes a video. Kartik sees Naira’s picture. He recalls Dadi. Naira’s feet bleeds. Kairav runs to her and asks her to see her feet. He says you should wear shoes and dance, don’t cry now, be a brave girl, I will ask Liza to call doctor. She hugs him and says sorry baby. He says it’s okay, we will go to dad when your foot gets fine, don’t cry, dad asked me to take care of you, if you cry, he will get angry on me. She thinks sorry, I did this so that we don’t go. Dadi says 15 days are enough to do marriage arrangements. Samarth asks Akhilesh is everything fine, he looks worried. Akhilesh says all fine. Dadi asks Vedika to call Kartik. Suwarna says what’s the hurry, we can wait until you get fine. Dadi says I am fine, it’s good to hurry.

Kartik sees Naira’s dance video. Vedika comes. He closes the video. She says Dadi is calling you. He doesn’t check Kairav’s video message. She says pandit ji gave mahurat after 15 days, you tell them that you need more time. Naira sits sad. Liza says I am booking the tickets. Naira says not now, my foot is hurt, I can’t go, Kairav said we won’t go until I get fine. Liza asks really, the reason is something else. Naira says yes, I decided, I won’t go there now. She cries and says I am dead for them, our relation also ended. Kartik Goenka  had to move on some day, it’s good that he moved on, I decided not to go there, never. Liza says your mum used to say, never say never, what happened today. Kartik stops when he hears Naira. She disappears. Jhoke ye hawa ke laaye….plays…

Kartik comes to Dadi and hears her talking of marriage preparations. Dadi asks Suwarna to show the jewellery, they have to give it to polishing. Suwarna and Manish ask her not to get up and take rest. Kartik goes to sit with Dadi and asks her to get fine soon. He says I don’t want to delay my marriage now. Dadi says I have to dance in your marriage. Vedika looks on. Akhilesh thinks don’t know if Liza told Naira, I wish she comes soon and stops this marriage. Kartik Goenka  says I promise I will try my best. Akhilesh thinks until Naira decides to come back in Kartik’s life, none can do anything.

Naira says I just got your picture, I see this picture by hiding from Kairav, but he has seen you, we met now when you are going to become of someone else, I can’t stop you. She rolls the picture and puts in a bottle. She thinks go Kartik Goenka , your old relation won’t come between your happiness, you are free from this relation and guilt, I will try to stay happy in my world. Kairav calls Kartik. Kartik says I want to stay away, why do I feel restless. Vansh says I fell down and got hurt. Samarth doesn’t hear and says good. Vansh says I got hurt. Samarth says I am busy, don’t disturb me. Vansh says you are always busy. He goes to Kartik. Kartik talks to him. Samarth turns and sees Gayu.

Gayu says Vansh is understanding everything now, you accepted him by your wish, why this annoyance now, he isn’t related to Kartik, even then Kartik loves him so much. Samarth says I have important work, don’t wait for me for dinner. He goes. Suwarna looks on. Naira says how shall I not think of you, I have to give good future to Kairav Goenka . The lady says we have ad in national newspapers, post is just for Delhi. Kartik says everything should be best in Akshara dance academy, you see the first two rounds, final round will be here in academy. He thinks Naira  Goenka  would be so happy, she loved dance and this academy.

Liza asks are you sure, we think life will change by changing place, but it doesn’t happen. Naira says I am going for dance job, I didn’t get job here so I started teaching yoga, dance is my first love. Kartik sees the ad. Vedika cries. Bhabhimaa asks did you miss your dad, he would be happy seeing you here. Vedika hugs her. Bhabhimaa says life is just a rose plant, there are less flowers and more thorns, you have took care of Kartik  Goenka till now. Vedika says dad wished to do my kanyadaan, my kanyadaan won’t happen, I have no relatives. Bhabhimaa says we got Naira  Goenka  married in this house, now Naira left, but relation is here, we will do your kanyadaan, we can’t take you to Maayka, as the house is getting renovated. Vedika hugs and thanks her. Kartik sees them. He thinks everyone is moving on, I should also move on.
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