Abhi prays to God after 20 years for Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi prays to God after 20 years for Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya
Abhi prays to God after 20 years for Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya 

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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi prays to God after 20 years for Pragya

The episode starts with Pragya Mehra thinking about Prachi questioning her. Sarita behen comes and asks why she is upset with Prachi, just because she questioned her. She says we can make the children quiet only in childhood and not after growing up. She says Prachi is seeing that you are concerned for the man, like she is concerned for her husband. She asks her to tell Prachi else she will only find out. Pragya tells that she don’t want to tell and asks her not to interfere in her family matters. Sarita behen asks her to share her pain and says I will share mine.

Pragya (Sriti Jha) leaves her hand and goes. Sarita behen says Prachi is right, the man whom she gave blood is her father. She thinks why Pragya separated from him when she loves him so much. Pragya goes out of the house and cries standing on the road, it is raining.

She thinks of his words and cries. Sarita behen comes out and sees her weeping badly, and thinks he is your husband. She says Prachi will understands seeing your tears and says let the daughter and father meet, and says if you don’t tell her then she will know one day and it is better if you tell her. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen asks her to cry and let all her pain flow out. She says I will not stop you, else your pain will become wounds. They come home.

Sarita behen brings milk for Pragya. Pragya asks her not to tell Prachi that whom she gave blood is her father. Sarita behen says I will not tell and asks her to drink turmeric milk. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen says tomorrow will be the new beginning. Pragya (Sriti Jha) takes the glass to drink milk.

Abhi sees Pragya Mehra saving him while he is sleeping and asks Meera where is she? Meera asks him to rest. Abhi says I am fine. Meera tells him that Aaliya had a fight with the doctor and got him discharged. She says Dr. Ken is looking after you. She is about to go. Abhi asks where is that lady who saved me. Meera says we thought she is Prachi’s mum, but she is not her. She says nobody knew who is she? Abhi thinks she is Pragya and thinks why is she hiding from him. He thinks to call Prachi’s college principal. Pragya tells Sarita behen that she will go to Prachi’s college to talk to Principal. Principal calls at landline number. Sarita picks the call and calls Pragya to talk to principal. Principal apologizes to Pragya and asks her to send Prachi to college, as she is a brilliant student. Sarita behen asks what did you tell to Mr. Mehra yesterday.

Abhi comes to hall and sees Dadi and Tai ji praying to God. Abhi also comes near the inhouse temple and pray to God. Aaliya is shocked. Bahadur tells that he is seeing Abhi praying to God for the first time after Pragya left. Aaliya gets angry on him and makes him go. Abhi prays to God to make him meet Pragya. Tai ji and Dadi are happy to see him praying. Abhi says I am going to office. Dadi blesses him. Abhi asks her to bless him that his work shall be done. Dadi says your Pragya will be found. Abhi goes. Aaliya gets upset. Dadi tells Tai ji that Abhi went to meet Pragya.

Dadi and Tai ji come to Aaliya. Aaliya asks them to sit. She asks how are you. Dadi says fine. Aaliya asks her to tell whenever she is unwell or want to say anything. She gives Doctor’s number to Tai ji and says he is specialized to treat old people. Dadi and Tai ji are shocked. Aaliya says Pragya has no place in this house. Dadi and Tai ji tell that Abhi loves Pragya. Aaliya threatens to move their temple from the house if she sees them praying to God again for Pragya. She tells Tai ji that if she remembers why her bahu is here and not son. She threatens her and says you are here because of me. Dadi says you can’t talk to us like that. Aaliya says I really hope you understand my words.

Pragya calls Prachi and Shahana and tells that Principal called and told that he has taken her suspension back. Shahana says Mr. Mehra would have done that. She asks what did you tell him? Pragya says I told so much and even threatened him. She asks Prachi if she is not happy. Prachi says same thing will happen again. Pragya asks if she will go or not. Prachi says I will go. Shahana says we both will go.
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