Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2017 : Ishita Gets Declared Dead

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December: Ishita Gets Declared Dead

The Episode starts with police trying to find the culprit. Raman bhalla  and Mani are on the way. Raman says we missed him, I will kill him if anything happens to Pihu. Inspector calls him. He says the tempo number is registered on your company name, we have to go back to that godown and check again, maybe we missed something. They all reach the godown and check the place well. Raman gets Ishita’s ring. Bala says its Ishita’s ring, Amma gave same ring to Ishita bhalla  and Vandu. Raman says it means someone was here, we will look around. He moves the cartons. He says there is something here. He sees a dupatta. He moves things and finds Ishita bhalla  inside a sack. They get shocked seeing her. Bala and Mani to say something. Inspector asks them to move back. He checks Ishita’s breath. He says she is not breathing,

 I think she is dead. They all get shocked.
Mani says she is hurt, so she fainted, she can’t die. Raman bhalla says we have to take her to hospital. Inspector says we have to take her for post mortem, get back from crime area. Bala says what do you mean, she is alive. Inspector says I understand your emotions, get back. They all cry. Pihu shouts no and wakes up. Shagun hugs her. She says Ishita is coming, do you recall where they had kept you. Pihu thinks of her kidnapping. She hugs Shagun and asks for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks Pihu is she fine. Shagun says she will come here when I tell her that you are with us. Pihu asks again. Shagun says she will come. Mr. bhalla says we will go home. Shagun says let her be here. Simmi asks Shagun not to refuse. Mr. Bhalla takes Pihu. Simmi, Parmeet and Ruhi go along. Shagun calls Mani. Adi says Raman and Bala are not answering.

Ruhi says Pihu slept by difficulty, did you find out. Simmi wishes they never get Ishita. Mani calls Shagun. Shagun asks how is Ishita. Mani says we are going hospital. She asks why, what happened. He says we got Ishu is a warehouse, she is no more. Shagun gets shocked. They all ask her what happened. She drops the phone. Adi makes her sit. Shagun says Ishita….. she is no more. Appa and everyone get shocked. Shagun says Ishita is dead. Adi says talk to them once, the news will be false. They all cry.

Doctors check Ishita. Raman bhalla asks Mani not to worry, nothing will happen to Ishita, she will be fine. Mani cries. Raman says my heart is saying nothing will happen to her. Mani says if your heart is saying this, nothing will happen to her. Raman says trust me, she will be fine. Bala sees him and thinks how to remind you about Ishita and your relation. Doctor comes and says sorry, she is no more. Raman says check her again.

Doctor says I tried my best, but we couldn’t do anything, we are sending body for autopsy, complete the formalities. Raman sees Ishita bhalla . Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…. He recalls her. They all cry. Appa says Ishu is no more. He sees Amma praying. Amma asks Kiran to call Bala. Kiran says we don’t know. They cry. Amma says why can’t they find Ishu, I will call Bala. Appa says Kiran said she talked to Bala. Amma says fine, let me call. Simmi comes and says they are hiding truth from you, but truth can’t hide, I don’t like Ishita, but I never wanted her to die. Amma gets shocked. Simmi says Amma should know this. Amma asks are you not ashamed, what are you saying. Simmi says Ishita bhalla  is dead, she will never come back now. Amma gets shocked and shouts Ishu. Ruhi hugs Puhi. They cry. Simmi asks them to stop crying. She asks Pihu bhalla to come with her. Ruhi says Pihu won’t go anywhere, can’t you see her state, just leave from here. Simmi says don’t ask me what to do, why are you mourning for Ishita. Pihu says don’t say anything about Ishita bhalla . Simmi pulls her leg and scolds. Ruhi says don’t dare raise your hand on her again, you are making a big mistake, she is just a little child, Ishita is our mum, we love her a lot, go from here. Simmi bhalla says she is dead now, she will never return.

Simmi says we have to take care of Pihu. Ruhi says I m here for her, we don’t need you, you can leave. She asks Pihu not to get scared. She hugs Pihu. Simmi thinks I will have to separate these sisters too. Parmeet calls someone and asks what did you do, I asked you to kidnap Pihu and scare Ishita, I didn’t ask you to kill Ishita. Adi comes there and looks at him. Parmeet gets shocked seeing Adi.

Ishita is taken for autopsy. She wishes they realize she is alive and don’t cut her body.
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