SHOCKER: OMG ! Rudra-Saumya to get MARRIED in Ishqbaaaz

Hats off to the writers and creatives of Star Plus  Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films Pvt Ltd) who manage to keep us enthralled with some super exciting tracks.

The Star Plus’ daily will introduce a major track replete with fun and drama.

Remember Hangover, the Hollywood flick?

 No? Okay, the desi masaledar movie Ek Main Aur Ek Tu?

 Yes, the films brought alive the post drinking expeditions of the leads, and the same is all set to be recreated in Ishqbaaaz.

As per sources, Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Saumya (Nehalaxmi Iyer) will be out partying and get completely sloshed. And on waking up in the morning, Saumya will find herself wearing a mangalsutra and Rudra a garland.
Whaaaaat??? Really?

 “It would be a shocking time for both of them (Rudra and Soumya)  who would not even remember how they got married. They will be left in a mess as to whether they should inform the family or not,” he added.
Interesting isn’t it?

So did the two really get married? But in what circumstances?

We called up Neha who shared, “I don’t have much idea about the track but I heard that we will be shooting for a promo on the marriage peg. I am sure it will be a fun track.”

 We are sure it will be Neha!
What do you have to say about the coming track? Excited? Shout out your thoughts in the comment box below.
SHOCKER: OMG ! Rudra-Saumya to get MARRIED in Ishqbaaaz SHOCKER: OMG ! Rudra-Saumya to get MARRIED in Ishqbaaaz Reviewed by Telly News on 12:10 Rating: 5

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