Ishqbaaz: OMG! Malika realizes Anika’s special effect on Shivaay

Ishqbaaaz  Latest News: Malika realizes special connection amid  Shivaye  and Anika,  Shivaye  denies Malika’s claim
With Surbhi Jyoti’s crackling entry in Star Plus show  #Ishqbaaaz , the popularity of  #Ishqbaaaz  has gone up high and the twist of  Shivaye ’s (Nakuul Mehta) ex girlfriend Malika is rocking the show.

Since the concept of  #Ishqbaaaz  is much fresh and modern, the entry of ex girlfriend of  Shivaye  is not coming across as painful drama in  Shivaye  and Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) emerging love story.

In fact, for a change it was very heartening to see Anika making  Shivaye  understand that he needs to support Malika and help her in the difficult situation.

This is the success of  Ishqbaaaz  makers that they have kept the drama interesting without creating hype of the melodrama or emotions.

So coming back to our spoiler,  Shivaye  gets surprised to hear Anika’s words that he should support Malika.

 Shivaye  follows Anika’s advice and declares that Malika will stay in Oberoi Mansion as long as she wants.

Anika feels happy with  Shivaye ’s decision and Malika gets surprised. In the upcoming episode of  #Ishqbaaaz , Malika will prob  Shivaye  about his change in behavior and attitude. Malika will ask  Shivaye , what made him change his decision and let Malika stay in the house.

Malika will then realize that Anika had spoken to  Shivaye  before declaring his decision about Malika. Malika will tell  Shivaye  that he gets affected by Anika,  Shivaye  will refuse it but his face expressions and voice will change.

This will give Malika a sure feel that Anika affects and matters to  Shivaye . Later Malika will thank Anika and will also inform her that she is of perfect takkar to  Shivaye  as Anika is not scared of  Shivaye .

 Shivaye  and Anika will both be seen awkward and conscious as Malika will tell them the reality about each other. Are you all excited to see Anika and  Shivaye  coming together in love as Shivika?

 Let us know in your comments.

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