Good News : Vrushika Mehta to be back in Ishqbaaaz opposite Omkara

Ishqbaaaz Latest News: Vrushika Mehta aka Ishana gets support from producer Gul Khan, Ishana’s character to be back soon

Major news is coming in for the fans and followers of Ishqbaaaz fame Vrushika Mehta aka Ishana as she would soon be back in the popular show opposite Omkara .

 Recently it was reported that Vrushika Mehta and Kunal Jaisingh’s track of (Kunal Jaisingh)  Omkara and Ishana has been side tracked owing to the negativity created by Vrushika Mehta’s fans and followers.

It was said that since Vrushika Mehta was not given much screen space in Ishqbaaaz, Vrushika’s fans had been contacting Ishqbaaz writers and creative team and abusing them. Ishqbaaaz producer Gul Khan too had spoken about the negativity created by Vrushika’s fans.

Further Gul Khan had mentioned that Vrushika and Kunal’s (Ishana – Omkara) track needed to be thought over and it was a creative call to sideline Ishana’s track. Gul Khan had mentioned that the production has no complaints from Vrushika.

However, the news angered Vrushika’s fans even more and hence now Gul Khan once again has come forward to clear her stand on the matter. As stated by Gul Khan, Vrushika will not be replaced by any other actress in Ishqbaaaz.

However, the creative team needs to decide the track related to Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh)  and Ishana’s love story. As stated by Gul Khan,”Vrushika is not being replaced in the show. We are taking time off to figure out Omkara and Ishana’s track.” she further stated that, “Fans are spreading negativity.

They are trying to get in touch with my creative team and writers online. But there is no fault of Vrushika. The poor girl unnecessarily got caught in the middle of this controversy which is not even a real controversy.”

Well, that says it, isn’t it? Vrushika will be back in Ishqbaaaz, once the creative team of Ishqbaaz get solid track for her. Are you happy with this news? Let us know in your comments below.

Good News : Vrushika Mehta to be back in Ishqbaaaz opposite Omkara Good News : Vrushika Mehta to be back in Ishqbaaaz opposite Omkara Reviewed by Telly Focus on 11:15 Rating: 5


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