Brahmarakshas: OMG! Raina and Rishabh’s life in danger ..

Brahmarakshas: Raina and Rishabh’s  life in danger as Brahmarakshas stops being afraid of lotus flower

Zee TV’s show Brahmarakshas is turning out to be a gripping series which has managed to grab attention of audiences and has already got the second place in the TRP charts in just a few week.

The storyline and thrilling sequences have captivated the audiences and the show has turned out to be a successful supernatural series.

The current track of the show is showing that Rishabh and Raina (Krystle Dsouza)  plan to marry one another as this is the only way they can nab Brahmarakshas.

The demon gets provoked seeing a bride and therefore Raina (Krystle Dsouza)  want to take avtaar of a bride to seek her revenge from the Brahmarakshas.

 Although a lot of people have already become victims of Brahmarakshas’ terror, the only way for protection in the lotus flower as Brahmarakshas stays away from it.

However, it will now be seen that the lotus flower too will stop having any effect on Brahmarakshas. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Raina and Rishabh (Aham Sharma) wild decide to leave Kamalpura along with their family members.

 Everyone will be travelling in a bus which is decorated like a lotus flower so Brahmarakshas can stay away.

However, Brahmarakshas no longer fears the lotus or Rajgiri and he attack the bus. A dramatic sequence takes place and Raina  (Krystle Dsouza)   and Rishabh fall in the valley and their lives are in danger.

Rishabh and Raina  (Krystle Dsouza)   are about to fall off rolling down but Rishabh (Aham Sharma)  holds on to the cliff with one hand and with the other hand, he clutches Raina. After struggling for their lives, Rishabh (Aham Sharma)  is able to save himself as well as Raina. However, both of them realize that Brahmarakshas will not allow them to leave and his evilness has increased further more.

Stay tuned for more updates on Zee Tv Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas: OMG! Raina and Rishabh’s life in danger .. Brahmarakshas: OMG! Raina and Rishabh’s  life in danger .. Reviewed by Telly Focus on 22:24 Rating: 5

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