WOW! Shahrukh Khan with Bhaijaan's in BIG BOSS 9 !!!....


Shah Rukh Khan is approaching Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss house next week, and the organisers of Colors channel, where the show is broadcast, are trying to tell the entire world about it through heavy promotions. After all, organisers know that this is their BIG ticket for getting the maximum TRP’s of the season, so why not expose their friendship and chemistry to the completest!
Ever since the friendship got retransformed, whenever Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan come collectively for any event, it is make the media so crazy and the internet go infuriatingly viral with their photographs and speech marks. Taking benefit of this condition, the producers have released a sequence of the promos for the upcoming BIG chapters next week. The first promo video has the stars doing the Karan Arjun act. The second promo had them reinvent the iconic Yeh Dosti scooter song order from Sholay! And now Salman Khan swaps Kajol to be a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s Gerua from Dilwale.

The too appealing promo has Salman Khan droning SRK’s famous song Tum Paas Aaye from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, against the background of falling maple leaves. As he hums, SRK come in the scene and tell him it’s time to shift on the newer song, and suddenly the scene changes to the airplane wreckage scene from Gerua song in Dilwale, as Salman and Shah Rukh take on King Khan’s famed pose!

WOW! Shahrukh Khan with Bhaijaan's in BIG BOSS 9 !!!....  WOW! Shahrukh Khan with Bhaijaan's in BIG BOSS 9 !!!.... Reviewed by Telly News on 05:43 Rating: 5

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