Some Fantastic unseen Pics From Behind The Sets Of Rock On 2!

Rock On 2, is a sequel of the superhit film Rock On, which released in 2008. Rock On, stars Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny inside the lead roles, and the men are in a rock band named Magik! The group of Rock On 2, is presently shooting at the stunning hills of Shillong. The actors, are sharing pix of the shoot on their social media account almost each opportunity days.
The backdrop of all the snap shots includes breathtakingly stunning hilly areas, guitars, drums and the rock image in every body's hands. Rumours have been doing rounds, that in the shoot of Rock On 2, Farhan Akthar and Arjun Rampal, had an ulgy spat over an vital scene within the movie. The heated argument went to such an quantity, that Farhan and Arjun, stopped speakme to each other. Reviews claim that, Arjun Rampal felt Farhan Akthar was seeking to wear the director's hat in the film, and Farhan Akthar felt Arjun Rampal turned into too egoistic.

 However, as soon as the news approximately their rift broke out within the media, Farhan Akthar and Arjun Rampal shared a happy image on Instagram rubbishing all reviews about any fight between the 2. Farhan and Arjun, are recognised for their friendship and strong bond that they percentage with every different. The men of Rock On 2, hit the level with their filmy band for a song shoot for the duration of a famous concert in Shillong named NH7.

 Since the crowd turned into effectively available to look at the NH7 live performance, it became an apt time for the group to shoot the track for the movie. Shraddha Kapoor, would be a new member inside the band and Prachi Desai might retain gambling Farhan Akthar's spouse within the film.

See pics from behind of set..

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