Sharukh's new co-star for 'Raees' !

Shahrukh Khan's forthcoming film, Raees, is in marvellously tinkle because of two reasons; first is its promising mystery which has already elevated our beliefs about the film and second is its exclusive cast i.e. Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who will be seen romancing Shahrukh in this glance!

And recently, Shahrukh explained that what is the reason behind choosing Mahira for Raees. "She's good-looking, she's eccentric and she has her different style of acting." "The reason we took her in the film was that we wanted it to be very precise as far as the leading lady was apprehensive, and she brings that to the table and much more." Shahrukh was being mentioned as saying, while addressing the press in Edinburgh. Even before, when a fan questioned Shahrukh on Twitter to describe her in one word, he chose to give an amazing response.

Shahrukh wrote, "@ImmiHamna very earnest and working extremely hard. A bit nervous too but very very good at what she does. It's a pleasure."

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